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"Songwriting Inspiration can come from ANYTHING." Cliche' cop out or Genius?

In most cases, if the people who make your favorite films only wrote from personal experience their movies would be very boring. They learn to use their imagination. Sure your experiences and emotions can make a great film or song but don't limit yourself. You can even take a simply boring part of a day in your life that may not seem like interesting song material and reimagine it. 

A few blocks from my house is the Kroger store where I buy my groceries. Today, I was shopping for a box of Lipton tea bags. A lady was having trouble reaching the item she wanted on the top shelf. I said "Ma'am, may I give you a hand." When I was in my SUV headed home this seemingly ordinary event sparked a great song and I had it completely written by the time I drove a few blocks and finished unloading my purchases into the house. Obviously, not every song happens this way and certainly not this fast. However, if you tweak your mindset and how you "look" for songwriting inspiration you may be surprised at where your next song comes from.

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