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The #1 Trap Songwriters and Artists fall into that often kills their career before it even gets star

Jen is a singer and songwriter. After a year or two of building up enough confidence in herself she has decided to record her music. She has spent hours upon hours researching how to go about doing this but is left with more questions than answers. So, Jen sets of to "find a recording studio" to record her songs. Jen visits a few studios in her area and picks the one she thinks fits her needs the best. 

However, she only thinks she knows what she needs. 

She made her choice of a well known big studio that had tons of expensive equipment and where some popular songs were done. She was shocked to discover that they only charged $75 per hour and had all of that to offer. 

Now here's the trap Jen, like so many others, was caught in. Sure the studio had a technically skilled audio engineer and had some session players that she could hire to play on her project. What Jen didn't have and didn't even know she needed was a qualified music producer. Nine times out if ten the studio engineer is not a good music producer. Ten thousand dollars into her project Jen realized that she was in over her head and didn't know what she was doing. She realized that even though the studio was great and the engineer knew the equipment like the back of his hand her final recordings didn't sound like the stuff on the radio today. Inside she began to sink when she realized she had wasted tons of money and may never have the chance to invest that amount again.

This is why I, as a professional music producer, don't operate my recording studio like most studios operate. I'm a producer not just a recording engineer. My specialty is putting it all together to make a major label, radio quality production whether it's one song or an entire album. I take the song and either help the artist or songwriter realize their vision for it or I develop one that showcases the song and artist myself. I tell the players what and what not to play, the singers what and what not to sing and the engineer what sound is needed for every single part or I engineer it myself. Then I either Mix and Master in myself or bring in someone else to work under me. You need a highly qualified music producer. You do not only need a great studio. Simply having a studio, musicians and engineer is similar to having a car that needs an engine completely built (song produced), buying a bunch of random parts (lyrics and musicians), taking it to a shop (studio) and placing it all in the hands of a mechanic who only specializes in brake jobs (audio engineer). Your car (song) will not get you anywhere. Don't fall into this same trap. 

I am not the only producer in the world. I am not even the best producer in the world. However, I am a very good one who will not tell you what you want to hear so I can get your money. In fact, ask any artist I have produced and they will tell you I may even make you cry or hate me while you're in my studio because I shoot so straight and honestly. The reason I do so is this. If I go to the doctor and he isn't honest with me about what I need to do to stay alive I die. I don't want to trust a "yes man" with my money and you shouldn't either. Ok, now that I have terrified you of working in the studio with me producing, I have to say this. Yes, it is a lot of work and I will push you, myself and everyone involved very hard to pull out the best possible. 

Good enough isn't good enough if it can be better and better isn't good enough if it can be best. Leave a comment if you like this post or if you hate it. Either way it's all good! I'm also happy to try to answer any questions you have. Subscribe to this Blog for tons more songwriting, music production and music biz content. 

You may contact me by email at: 

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