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My latest RANT: Pop music gets no respect from "real musicians".

This was originally a comment I left in one of the songwriting groups but I thought I'd turn it into a quick blog.

Ok, after reading at least 1,345,677,853,576,643 comments in these groups I am going to explode if I don't say this lol. I keep hearing a lot of people in the songwriting groups referring to pop music in a very negative way. It's as if they are stripping any amount of musical credibility from the whole genre. This is both funny and kinda stupid. I see these "real musicians", "music purists" and various other categories of songwriter saying things like "a strong and catchy chorus only applied to pop music", "verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus/chorus structure only applies to pop music", "length of song only matters if you're writing pop music". I say ....... What in the world.... Pop music is only called Pop music because is appeals to mass/wide audiences and is POPular. It sells to very large groups of people. What songwriter with their head on straight wants to write a non catchy, entirely too long, jumbled up mess of a structure, unpopular song that nobody buys? 

#songwriting #songwriters #songwriter #popmusic #musicsnobs #musicpublishing #writeahitsong #rant #mudicbusiness

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