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Quick Tip: Songwriting

From time to time I find myself working in my studio in Memphis, Tn and while doing what I do everyday (producing, recording and writing music for clients and myself) I think "hey, I should blog this little tip when I get a chance. It may help somebody". 

Well, instead of waiting until I have time to make an in-depth post I decided to do these little quick but valuable Quick Tips whenever I have the thought. Today's Tip... When a melody, lyric idea or rythm idea pops in your head record it into your cellphone RIGHT THEN no matter what your doing or where you are. Those snippets can later become your first or next charting single. If you forget it then it could become someone else's next single. 

Leave a comment if you like this post or hate it. Either way it's all good! I'm happy to try to answer any questions you have.  


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