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Is your song too linear? Does it sound the same from beginning to end? Here's how to fix it.

This is a question I received today.

             "I tend to write very linear, with the same beat and bassline all the way through. Then I add dynamics on top of that. What tips do you have when it comes to finding and writing a hook?

Hi, I can give you a bit of helpful advice regarding your question but first... That is one creepy video lol. Anyway, if you can write more than one song then you have what it takes to write a great chorus/hook for one. 

Try this to get you out of the linear rut. 

Just write two different songs about the same subject. Heck, use the same words, key and tempo but make them completely different from each other. Then pick the verse from one and the chorus from the other. 

Then a great song usually needs a great bridge. So, guess how to get started writing killer bridges.... Yup... Three songs lol.

It works. You won't have to do that very long before it "clicks" and you are on your way to writing with great arrangement and structure. Hope this helps.  

As always, I'm here to answer any questions I can about Songwriting, production or studio stuff. Leave a comment if you have any helpful advice for writing a great song or a question.


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