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Why your music is not standing out and is not selling.

Musicians, Singers, Songwriters and Producers: Aren't you tired of just blending in? Oh, "My band, my music, my album is unique. There's nothing else like it" , you say? I say BULL. That is a big stinky pile of BULL POOP. If that were true you would stand out and be successful. Hey, it's probably not your fault that you don't stand out and that your music gets no sales or attention. I have found that 9 times out of 10 it is because you don't know how to produce your music. You probably thought going to a nice popular studio, paying by the hour and having a pro record you would give you a commercially viable recording, meaning a recording that would kick doors open for you and sell. THAT does not work at all. Firstly, the studio equipment is a very small factor in a hit record. Do you need good gear? Of course, but it is literally one tenth of what you need. Secondly, the guy pushing all of those buttons on all of that shiny studio gear is most likely not qualified to "produce" a pro record. Is a good engineer important? HECK YEAH. Without a great engineer your music will suck even if it was recorded using 2 million bucks worth of equipment. Thirdly, the recording studio staff is NEVER going to tell you any of this. They make their money by charging an hourly rate. They need as many hours of studio time booked as possible for them to keep the doors open. A pro studio mixing console can cost upwards of $75,000. Just one of the industry standard studio microphones can cost over $12,000. That's just two items in the studio. Then there's rent or mortgage, phone, staff, advertising, internet, supplies, insurance and taxes and don't forget Maintaining and regularly updating all of that equipment. So, if a studio charges $45 per hour, works fourteen hour days six days a week that's less than $200,000 per year. Subtract operating expenses and they aren't making didly. You ask, "OK JOEY SO WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?. You need a killer music producer. You need someone who will offend you by telling you straight about things that need to be improved upon with your musicianship, vocals, songwriting and arrangement. You need someone who will simply say "no" when you say "the vocal needs to be louder with more reverb" or "this needs ANOTHER guitar solo". You need a qualified leader who knows the gear, has the ear and the experience to take you and your music to a very pro level. You need someone who will tell you the truth about your music, budget and talent even if it costs him/her your business because you get butt-hurt about it. That's why I avoid hourly rates for projects. Sure if someone needs something that will only take a few hours and I can do it I will do hourly. It's also virtually impossible to gauge how much money it will take to complete your recording when paying by the hour. Over the years I have seen many many bands never finished their album because they ran out of money. I offer package rates. It may scare you from sticker shock but trust me it's peace of mind knowing the total. Think about buying a car and giving someone a deposit for it but having no real way of knowing the final total cost. THAT is WAY worse than a little sticker shock on the front end. That's why your project takes longer to complete when I'm producing. You aren't rushed. You don't have to stare at the clock and get out your calculator while you are trying to sing but having a tough time. That is a horrible way to work. Now, it is in my business interest to complete every project in a timely fashion and to not take longer than is needed. However, ask any of the artists I've produced this way if I give it my all and then some. They will shout a loud YES! Most nights after the client leaves I spend many more hours editing and tweaking and arranging that nobody sees yet EVERYBODY hears and feels. To me the song is the most important thing. That's the main reason I HATE the typical recordings that are coming out of most studios around here. Sure, there are some amazingly skilled audio engineers around. However, I don't see the "production" side of things working well for most local artists. I am hard on you in the studio. I am a perfectionist. Ask any client I have produced and they will ALL tell you that I'm a "beast" in the studio. (Check out the reviews my clients are leaving on my Joey Anderson Productions FB page.) I NEED your business but more importantly I WANT your business and APPRECIATE it. I have something to prove with every single song I produce. I want it to blow the other guys away. I want it to blow my client away. I don't compare my work against the locals. I compare it side by side with the top ten songs on the charts. I want my clients to have HUGE success and selfishly I want it to be largely because of me. You aren't paying for my time. You aren't paying for my studio. You aren't paying for my technical skills. You are paying for my tastes, my ear, my experience and my creativity. I would love to speak with any Singer, Songwriter or band in ANY GENRE/STYLE that is serious about making it with their music. If that is you please contact me and let's make history. 


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