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Music Biz Tip: How to get an investor for your music career in 7 easy steps.

Step One: 

Setup watch outside the home of a successful person with lots of money. Stalk them thoroughly. Be sure to make many mental notes of the specific details of their life. Step Two: Follow them when they leave their home until the most opportune moment to throw them in your trunk. Step Three: Brainwash them into thinking your music is something new and you are the next big thing. Step Four: Immediately escort them to their bank and get cash. Step Five: Take that money and move to the Islands because there is a 99% chance that your going to lose all their money. Step Six: 

Start a beach dance club on your island and when it's profitable send the person from whom you stole the money all of it back with interest and a nice "thank you for letting me kidnap you and steal your money" note. Step Seven: 

Now that you are rich look at your own money…. Do you really wanna spend it all on your music career? If so go for it and good luck!

Now, this is just my deranged since of humor with a bit of reality sprinkled throughout. If you are blessed enough to have the budget to make an album then consider letting me help you with it.

I'm a music producer with a small recording studio in Memphis, Tn. It's what I do everyday. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss me producing your project!

My email is:

My website is: 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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