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HUGE list of my favorite FREE VST plugins and synths.

Here's some of my favorites! Be sure to subscribe right now to my blog for tons of music production tips and tricks and even more freebies!

Instruments Anything from u-he and Native Instruments will be excellent quality. Here are some of their free offerings: Tyrell Zebralette (a single-osc version of Zebra) Kontakt Player (sampler w/ 50 instruments) Reaktor Player (w/ 3 synths) Mikro Prism (simplified version of Prism) A synth from one of Omnisphere's developers. He makes an iOS version as well: Crystal A few quality virtual analogue synths: NoiseMaker Charlatan Olga (not technically free, but the demo is unlimited) Like Kontakt Player (above), these are simplified versions of otherwise commercial samplers: Independence Free (w/ 2GB sound library) SampleTank Free (w/ 22 instruments) UVI Workstation (w/ 243MB sound library) A couple simplified versions of otherwise commercial synths: Symptohm PE Autogun Effects Native Instruments have a free version of their excellent multi-effect plugin: Guitar Rig Player Variety Of Sound, a.k.a. Bootsy makes some of the finest free effects available: BootEQ (Equalizer) epicVerb (Reverb) NastyDLA (Delay) NastyVCS (Console Strip) Density (Bus Compressor) Download them here: http://varietyofsound.wordpress.... Stillwell/Schwa also make tons of great effects, and (as with Olga, above) while they aren't technically free, the demos are unlimited: There are loads more freeware plugins out there. KVR Audio has a comprehensive database and very active community forum that's worth exploring: 

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