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5 Great Songwriting Tips

I've been there.

You sit down to write a song and an hour later...nothing. These 5 tips are sure to help you have less of those frustrating and nonproductive songwriting sessions.


If you play an instrument try being nowhere near it during your songwriting session. One of the biggest things I see holding songwriters back is their musical ability. Ever listen to a singer-songwriter or band and think "wow every song sounds the same"? Often it is because they write with instrument in hand.This can cause you to have similar chords and feel in what you write. Even if you are a pro and very skilled on your intrument you are limited by your musicianship. Songwriting does not have to have limits. A song has to have something to say first and foremost. Melody is key. Stop worrying about chords and riffs and find the absolute best melody to express what the lyric is saying. In the same way find the absolute best lyric for the melodic idea you are humming. Then you can come up with amazing chords that set just the right mood for what the song is saying.


Write EVERYTHING down. I'm not just talking about the lyrics you come up with. If you are serious about being a professional songwriter try starting a journal. Keep it beside your bed and with you everywhere you go. If you feel, think, see or hear something interesting write it in your journal. Think of it as a cheat sheet or a chord chart. I promise you can pull it out and find song inspiration.

3. Stop listening to music.

I hear you saying "wait. What?". Of course, I don't mean forever. That would be crazy. Sometimes a musically clear head is needed to let fresh songs come out. I am a music freak! I love all typoes of music. However, I work on music all day everyday for a living. So often my ride to the grocery store or running errands is silent. I won't even turn on the radio. You'd be surprised how many song ideas pop into your head while you're driving. That's why you need that journal in the car. If all else fails (here's an additional bonus tip for ya" sing it into your own voicemail.... you're welcome.

4. Listen to music.

"Now Joey has lost his mind. He just said Stop listening to music". A very powerful way to pull any songwriter out of a writer's block is to listen to music you normally wouldn't listen to. Find the most obscure artist you can. I love spotify for this. Listen to what they say and how they say it. It helps to read along to their lyrics if you can. Seeing how different writer's get their feeling and stories across is an extrememly powerful asset for a songwriter.

5. Watch a movie.

The best films often have amazing visuals and scripts that stimulate your mind and emotions. This is what you want in a song. The sound is the visual and the lyrics are the script. You may find a great song topic or line ,or two, and get to enjoy swome expensive freakin popcorn while your're at it. Be sure to have your hournal with you because I often forget.

I hope you found these 5 tips helpful for your songwriting. What are some of your tips? Subscribe to this blog for much more free helpful content for Singers, Songwriters, Musicians and Recording Studios.

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