June 26, 2017

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system, let me assure you that it wasn't just an outburst of insanity. Well, maybe just a little but there is genuinely a sane reason. This blog will be a little bit if a rant. 

You see, I am generally referred to by other studio guys around town in a kind of derogatory way. They tell people "Joey's sound is very commercial, very pop and top 40". They usually mean this in a negative sense. They prefer the obscure, older more unpolished sound to my slick production and punchy as heck mixes. They put down today's top mix engineers and producers. The guys responsible for just about every song in the Billboard Hot 100 are "not good" to a lot of the engineers around. They poke fun at guys like Chris Lord Alge who has mixed hundreds of current/recent number one singles, number one albums and has many recent Grammys. Serban Ghenea (my absolute favorite mix guy in the business right now) is crap to them even though he often has twent...

June 20, 2017

I have seen artists blow it time after time by picking a great, expensive studio with awesome equipment only to find out they did not reach the desired result. Ten times out of ten they find out that even with that amazing studio, all of that gear and studio staff they didn't walk away with a professional, radio ready song. The reason is usually that they forgot the most important piece of the production. The music producer. 

What is a music producer? 

Well, the best way I know to explain what we are and what we do is this. The studio is the kitchen, your talent, song and the musicians are the ingredients​ and the producer is the Master Chef. He or she has the experience, ears and talent to add to, take away from and combine everything into an amazing dish (hit quality record). 

1.The producer brings Impartiality to your project.

You are close to your song. Every little part of it means so much to you that you may tend to hold on to it like it's treasure when it's unnecessary or even worse...

June 14, 2017

I've been there.

You sit down to write a song and an hour later...nothing.
These 5 tips are sure to help you have less of those frustrating and
nonproductive songwriting sessions.


If you play an instrument try being nowhere near it during your songwriting
session. One of the biggest things I see holding songwriters back is their
musical ability. Ever listen to a singer-songwriter or band and think "wow
every song sounds the same"? Often it is because they write with
instrument in hand.This can cause you to have similar chords and feel in
what you write. Even if you are a pro and very skilled on your intrument
you are limited by your musicianship. Songwriting does not have to have
limits. A song has to have something to say first and foremost. Melody is
key. Stop worrying about chords and riffs and find the absolute best
melody to express what the lyric is saying. In the same way find the
absolute best lyric for the melodic idea you are humming. Then you can

June 1, 2017

Honestly though, success or failure in music boils down to basically one thing. If you can get this one thing right you will succeed. Sure there are specific strategies all major record companies and music managers use to see a CD and build customers. Yeah, I know we call them "fans" but essentially they are customers, or at least we hope. I will share the marketing plan that they use in an upcoming post so be sure to subscribe to my blog, it's free! Today's article is about the ONE THING you are not doing right that is causing you to fail.

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